St. John Missionary Baptist Church

Birthday Recognition Calendar



Forgiveness is a life-long obligation.
Thank You, Jesus,
that we're being freed of the evil of unforgiveness.
Let Your Holy Spirit fill us with light and
let every dark area of our mind be enlightened.

      Birthday Recognition Calender 2017




Londell McGlothin (4th)

Brianca Thomas (7th)

Raquet Moris (8th)

Jakorey Miles (14th)

Christina M Johnson (16th)

Mikayla Sparks (27th)   

Chloe McGlothin (28th)

Diamond Willie (1st)

Ashley McGlothin (6th)

Pastor Alonzo Berry (7th)

Toycha Johnson (9th)

Cliffton Foster (9th )

Ray Hall (9th)

Walter Edwards (10th)

Hattie Cox (10th)

Raven Bennet (11th)

Marcus Shelton (11th)

Shon Cooks-Jones (11th)

Ethel Bradley (13th)

Alethea Barnes (13th)

Ladell Alexander (17th)

Gwendolyn Palmer (18th)

Joquire Johnson (18th)

Jarvis Williams (22nd)

Minister Kleinman (22nd)

Cozetta Cox (23rd)

Londen McGlothin (23rd)

Laylan McGlothin (24th)

Mikayla Sparks(27th)

Venola Johnson (29th)

Vicky Williams (29th)

Christian Jackson (30th)

Betty McKnight (30th)

Christopher Willie (30th)

George Everitt, Sr. (2nd)

Victoriya Mapps (3rd)

Windell Moris, Jr. (8th)

Jewel Smith (11th)

Victor McKnight (12th)

Labrish Jackson (16th)

Johnnie Balous (16th)

Gregory Rithomas, II (20th)

Lorean H Ford (22nd)

Dianne Gray (22nd)

John M Manning (26th)

Mary Alexander (28th)

Lonzetta Willie (29th)

Kelvin McKnight (31st)

Eric McKnight (31st)

Erica McKnight (31st)