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Christian Discipleship - The First Twelve
Christian discipleship is a concept that was born when Jesus Christ hand-selected His first followers. A disciple, by definition, is a convinced adherent of a school or individual. In the case of Jesus, His disciples were those who followed Him while He was on earth, as well as those who continue to follow Him and His teachings today.

Christian discipleship began, according to John's Gospel, the day after Jesus was baptized (John 1:35-39). According to this passage, the first two men to follow Him heard John the Baptist declare that Jesus was the Lamb of God. Andrew and his friend (most likely John) believed what they heard and followed Jesus. Before long, they were telling others about this amazing Man of God!

Andrew recruited his brother Simon (whom Jesus called Peter); the next day Jesus found Philip in Galilee; Philip found Nathaniel and soon a movement was born. Not everyone came easily or willingly at first. However, before long, Jesus had twelve disciples. Why only twelve? We don't really know that answer, but twelve has become a symbolic number of completion in Scripture. From Jacob came the twelve tribes of Israel, so it's possible this number was intended to represent each tribe.

We are happy to announce our newest members who have also accepted Jesus Christ into their lives.

Rasheen (Ray Ray) Porter is 16 years of age, She has requested to join in the membership of the St. John Missionary Baptist Church by Baptism which will be performed on Sunday October 16th.

Tylynn Saxton at 6 years of age is also requesting membership by Baptism and likewise will be performed Sunday October 16th 2011.